Vacuum evaporator VNZ 1202

Technical description

VNZ 1202 is one chamber facility with working space inside of cylindrical recipient with vaulted covers with vertical axis. Two vision slits and flange for system of admitting working gas are located at upper cover. Working space is accessible after lift of recipient with hydraulic jack.

Default technological equipage of working space contains four resistance evaporators, electrode of high-voltage discharge and rotating substrate holders for placing substrates. Vertical axis of the substrate holder has fluently controllable revolutions from 0 to 5 rpm.

Working space is evacuated by vacuum unit which consists of a rotary pump, Rootsov pump and two diffusion pumps and vapour absorber. All elements of vacuum system are manufactured from corrosion proof steel.

The entire system of operation starting from pump down the facility, its cleaning with discharge, evaporation and measurement of evaporated layer is controlled automatically in accordance with required parameters using microprocessor control section. Technological process is monitored by display device. Thus high accuracy and quality of evaporated layer can be achieved.

Semiautomatic running allows technological process to be controlled in accordance with direct choice of tender. This facility is protected from incorrect tender or effect of outage by lock-out of undesirable functions.

Electronic and power part of the facility are located in a separate rack.


System software of the evaporation unit provides:

-fully automatic operation of exhausting unit in specific mode.
-fully automatic working cycle starting from insertion wares up to air intake of working space with option of simple choice of execution of individual steps and with option of manual action in specific points of the cycle.
-cleaning of batch with high voltage discharge.
-automatic switching of evaporators within cycle.
-evaporation from four resistive evaporators with voltage 4 or 8 V and max. current 800 A manually or automatically according to engaged parameters.
-preheating and degasification of evaporators.
-regulation and measurement of deposition rate.
-regulation and measurements of deposited layer.
-evaporation up to twenty layers in one cycle in basic configuration (manufacturer can increase this amount on demand).


Mains power supply
Maximum power input
3 PEN ~ 50Hz 380V TN-C
Batch placing - standard configuration
Batch placing - special option
rotating preparative with diameter 1060 mm in horizontal plane
In accordance with customer demand
Operating data (empty and degased device) 1.10-3 Pa za 20-30 min.
Vacuum measurement-PIRANI gauge
-PENNING gauge
range 105 - 10-1 Pa
range 7.10-1 - 5.10-4 Pa
Cooling water - consumption
1 m3 /hour
supply G 3/4"
supply G 3/4"
Compressed air supply Js 11

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