Construction, manufacturing, service of vacuum equipments and metal coating in vacuum

Our company is in business of vacuum technology already since 1993.

Place of business

  • -WE MANUFACTURE vacuum evaporation equipments, for example VNZ 1202
  • -WE CONSOLIDATE general repair of vacuum pumps BL 30 and Roots vacuum pumps
  • -WE DO metal coatings in vacuum (car headlamp reflectors, metal coating of bijouterie, glass, ceramics, plastic materials etc.)
  • -WE OFFER repair and service of equipment stated below

  • Vacuum furnaces................PZ 810, PZ 865
    Vacuum evaporation units.........UP 311,UP 313, UP 858,UP 1665
    Helium leak finder..112 VW,KU 872
    We deliver stated types repased

    Vacuum furnaces are multi-purpose facilities enabling thermal treatment of batch in vacuum or in inert gas atmosphere. Furnaces are intended for capillary soldering, bright annealing, quenching and tempering.Maximal weight of batch is 50 kg. Maximal running temperature is 1400 ░C.

    Vacuum evaporation units are intended for deposition of thin layers on metallic and non-metallic materials in elctrical industry, machine building or decorative fancy goods (bijouterie, glass, ceramics etc.).

    Helium leak finder is intended for locating leaks in vacuum units and vacuum systems.

    We will be pleased to answer all your inquiries at Tel: +420 602 411 974.

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